Professional Equipment

Wasatch Gourmet has gathered the best manufacturers of the industry to bring our customers professional foodservice equipment and modern display options for their foodservice establishments.

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Bravo has been making Gelato, Chocolate and Pastry Equipment Innovations since 1967.

  • Batch Freezers for Gelato and Ice Cream
  • Pasteurizing Machines
  • Chocolate Tempering Machines
  • Multi Functional Pastry Machines
    • Machines that are programmable and make:
      • Gelato / Sorbet
      • Granita
      • Pastry Cream
      • Semifreddos
      • Meringe
      • Temper Chocolate
      • Meringue
      • Pate de Fruit
      • Butter Cream
      • Lemon Curd
      • Marshmallow
      • Many more applications

Bromic Heating Products
Bromic Heating Products

Bromic offers both beautiful and functional heating products for indoor and outdoor comfort.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Heaters
  • Infrared Heat
  • Portable Outdoor
    • Doesn’t Blow Over
    • Doesn’t Blow Out
    • Infrared Heat penetrates through wind
    • Double Heating Area than a mushroom heater

Elmeco – Frozen Beverage Solutions
Elmeco – Frozen Beverage Solutions

Elmeco offers advanced solutions for soft drinks, cold creams, cocktail based products and Italian Granita.

  • Machines for dispensing
    • Italian Granita
    • Iced Coffee
    • Semi Frozen Beverages
    • Cocktails / Sangrias
    • Sorbet
    • Lemonade
    • and much more

Ifi America
Ifi America

Ifi is the brand to watch for style, technology and design in the food & beverage display cases.

  • Display Cases for:
    • Gelato
    • Chocolate
    • Pastry
    • Warm Food
    • Grab and Go
    • Deli
  • Patented Smart Defrost systems (Reduced Defrosting Frequency RDF)
  • Cloud Connected Equipment by Galileo
  • Hi-Performance Closure System
  • Restaurant Design
    • Floor To Ceiling design & installation for you Restaurant